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If you are looking forward to updating your kitchen/bathroom, no need to look any further since it’s my primary area of expertise. I also specialize in space problem-solving and providing the perfect cozy/comfy décor to achieve super-hosting status with your Airbnb apartments. Moreover, my FENG SHUI awareness allows me to add this aspect to get you the design of your dreams.

Planning a complete remodel, or redoing a corner of your living space just because you’re sick of the old one? I strive to integrate your current artwork highlighting your home’s strengths with a distinctive, unique style. I aim to work closely with the clients and come up with distinctive ideas to satisfy them with my understanding of various cultures. The ultimate goal is to create an entirely new environment tailored to your requirements.


I am a French Canadian married to a Chinese-descendant husband. We have 2 grown-up daughters that are still studying. From as far as I remember, I always like beautiful homes with a soul. Thru all the expatriations I and my family had around the world over the past 15 years, Interior Design has been always my passion and my way to express myself across different cultures. I am also a one-time certified PMP project manager, allowing me to conduct a project with structure and respect for the rules of arts, and inspiration to achieve great results within a given budget.

As a long-time Expat, I love traveling and discovering new cities, new cultures, and new architectural styles. My favorite is the Opera House of Hong Kong. In fact, I love many styles and can adapt very easily using complementary or chromatic colors. I am very careful about staying within the budget, looking for deals on furniture, and using only trustable contractors. In fact, you would be surprised how much can accomplish with a reasonable budget. All I want is to make my customers happy.

Redefine your space, comfort, and fortune in one stroke!


Customized Solutions to Your Problems

At our best interior designing company in Irvine, CA, we provide a full-service solution that allows you to continue your daily activities while we take care of all the different phases of your project, from scope definition and conceptual planning to design, construction, finishing, and final approval.

Incorporating Feng Shui into Your Interior Design

Our full Feng Shui (FS) service in Orange County, CA is a valuable addition to our turn-key solution service and worth the additional cost.

Making Your Airbnb Ready to Rent

If you own an Airbnb property in North America or Europe, this option is highly beneficial for you as we will help you maintain control over the decoration and costs of your property.

Why Choosing Our Best Interior Designing Company

Our Professionalism

At The Interiorful, we prioritize Integrity, Professionalism and Creativity using these values to choose our partners for building projects.

Our Adaptability

The Interiorful offers a unique interior design service in Orange County that takes into consideration your personal history and preferences. Our goal is to incorporate your cherished furniture, antiques, and art into a new design concept that reflects your individual taste. We understand your emotional attachment to these items and are ready to work with them.

Our Fair Pricing

If you look at The Interiorful Project Flow Chart under Our Professionalism interior design Irvine, you will see how we manage your project decor, be it a single room or the entire house.

What ClientS Say

Gisele J. Customer

Genevieve follows her passions with a creative and skillful eye, offering state-of-the-art visualization tools to project and immerse yourself into your new dream environment. Very adaptable to her clients’ needs, she listens and guides in order to creatively and resourcefully achieve your desired outcome in a prompt and focused manner. From our very first meeting, Genevieve offered advice and suggestions that went well beyond what one might expect of a simple ‘first free consultation.’ Professional, courteous, and accommodating, Genevieve exudes great joy in her element, filling space in unexpected ways, making it beautiful while functional. She is adept at finding ways to keep one’s beloved or vintage pieces, suggesting refinishing or new colors, while addressing the “right” lighting and fixtures to dramatically enhance one’s space. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Martha J. Customer

I had the pleasure of meeting Genevieve through a French organization. I had been thinking of renovating my kitchen, so when I learned she offered a free consultation, I reached out to her. She came to evaluate my kitchen and had very good suggestions about colors, the functionality of the furniture, and appliances. I was very impressed with how promptly she sent me all the details for the job, drawings, pricing, execution, and completion.

Nina AirBnB Guest

Maria’s place was fantastic. Very clean and stylish place with everything you needed. The flat was simply beautiful !! Nice rooms with very comfortable beds, we literarily had everything that we needed. The kitchen was fully equipped including a nice coffee machine. The flat is In a great location, with lots of great placeless around to eat! Maria was very accommodating and helpful letting us drop our bags off early and checking in on us regularly to make sure we had everything we needed. Would definitely stay here again!

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